A New server and a new experience

We work constantly on the server to keep our users happy. Most of our custom projects and forks are Open Source, so anyone can contribute. We take in account all of the feedback we get from our users. The donations for our server go directly to pay hosting.


Our main gamemode is Towny - a town-like mode where you can create your own town, join someone else's and start wars!
Build a fancy tower to scare off your enemies, a top-secret villain meeting point or simply your own, personal base to snuggle.
Start epic PVP battles in the resources world, or marry another player and live the love!

Custom builds

All our buildings are made by us. Originality and creativity at its finest!
We have a dedicated build team with passion to create the good-looking server you'd expect from us.

OP Tools

Do more with our overcharged OP Tools! Destroy hundreds of blocks in minutes.
Kill people faster and have more interesting battles.
Special tools bought with Tokens and special enchantments.

Competent Staff

The Staff team has experience moderating and administrating other servers and services.
Our Staff selection process is very strict, and we only choose people who deserves it.
You can trust them on anything you want, be assured your secret won't be leaked.

Version Support

Our Network fully supports the newest and most popular Minecraft versions.
From 1.8 to 1.14.2, we're not limiting you to choose the version you like most.
We try to update our server to the latest version as soon as possible. Major updates may be delayed to ensure stability of our server and keep a good end user experience.
We're also the first Towny server in supporting Bedrock Edition crossplay with Java Edition players in the same server! Join on Windows 10, Android or iOS, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch when you're not on your PC.

More of our Features

Still want more info about LibertyLand? We've got you covered.

  • Best ping and uptime

    Our server is hosted in US East, however, many Europe users have reported they have great ping.

  • User support

    Need help? Don't hesitate to reach out to us in our Discord server.
    Don't have a Discord account? No problem! You can always contact us at the Forums or send us an email for the important stuff.

  • Select plugins

    We spend time to choose the best plugins and server software to make a lag-less experience.

  • Weekly Events

    Every week we're running one or more events for all our users!

  • OP Tools

    Created for the more exigent players.
    Do your tasks in minutes with our OP Tools.

  • Expanding every day

    We work everyday to make a better server for everyone.
    We take into account every opinion and feedback.